Milwaukee Precision Slides

are ready-made tracks that move on low friction or bearing ways to serve as motion guides for feeding and retracting parts…tools…or fixtures…on all types of machinery. Each basic slide consists of a carrier and a base, both made of specialty controlled cast iron, with precision milled/ground dovetail or hardened steel ways fitted together with a steel gib and gib screws for adjustment to insure accurate movement. Milwaukee Precision Slides provides precise line movement regardless of whether it be vertical or horizontal.

Variation Suits Your Needs

In the event that none of the standard slide assembles illustrated on this web site will fill your specific needs, we suggest you tell us your particular problem. No matter how complex your needs for slide assemblies may be, our engineering department has experience with all types of slide applications in the modern machine tool industry. Their recommendations for the most economical assembly construction you can use are always available to you without obligation.

Regular Duty Basic Style

Standard Regular Duty MILWAUKEE SLIDE AND SPINDLE slides are useful for a broad range of applications where the load induced into the assembly is moderate and a compact design is essential. These basic type slides, with easily adjustable gibs, insure accurate motion and offer a wide range of uses in the construction of automated machines. Regular Duty Basic slides can be supplied with reduced overall height to meet your applications or replacement needs.

These slide assemblies consist of a carrier, base, gib, and gib adjusting screws. They are available for design applications where the means for mounting, movement, and other requirements are provided by the customer.

Regular Duty Lead Screw

These Regular Duty Screw equipped slide assemblies are most useful where accurate manual positioning or feeding is required. Standard features are a precision lead screw, graduated micrometer dial to indicate carrier movement and a balanced crank handle for ease in advancing and retracting the carrier or base. Knurled knobs are ideal for finer adjustment where space is limited.

Air or Hydraulic Cylinder

These Regular Duty Cylinder powered slide assemblies are recommended both for quick-action movements and for repeatability, in tooling, fixturing, and parts positioning. Working pressures of 500 P.S.I. for hydraulic and 250 P.S.I. for air operated cylinders. Double acting non-cushioned cylinders are standard. Special Cushioning and/or valving can be provided upon request.

Air Cylinder Powered

Heavy Duty Air Cylinder Powered
Machine Slides With Hydraulic Check and Control Valves These heavy duty machine slide assemblies are powered by the action of an air cylinder for rapid approach to desired working range of the unit, The rate pf approaching speed may be controlled with an added easily installed control valve. Several types of valves for air cylinder control may be obtained. These cylinder powered units are provided with hydraulic control. At the desired (pre-determined) phase or point of action the hydraulic check valve can be set to control the rate of feed. Air cylinder source pf power for speed has greater advantages, whereas for a precise feed action hydraulic non-compressible oil assures uniformity, accuracy and smoothness if needed.

Smooth and Precise Action
The extra rigid base supports these controlling elements and assures best possible smoothness and precise action over the entire working range.

Heavy Duty Basic Style

Heavy Duty Basic slides are useful for a broad range of applications where the nature of the work to be done requires a rugged construction than the Regular duty assemblies. Greater stability and capacity are accomplished by the thickness of the carrier and base. The increased height of the carrier also allows greater flexibility for machining mounting requirements.

Heavy Duty Recessed Base

These slide assemblies feature versatility because of their availability in any incremental length. The recessed design in the base of the slide makes it possible to install a carrier drive inside the slide base. This permits a more compact design when mounting ball screw and air or hydraulic cylinder rods. The cavity also reduces the weight of the assembly. Inquiries for special uses of power driven recessed base type slides are invited.

Flange Base
Heavy Duty Recessed Base Machine Slides are also available with a mounting flange. RBF style slides are appropriate for many portable uses. They are available in the same sizes as RB slides.

Heavy Duty Lead Screw

Milwaukee Slide and Spindle Heavy Duty Lead Screw slide assemblies, with their rugged construction and extremely heavy sectional profiles, are most useful in precise movement and feeding mounted tools or fixtures into working range. They assure best possible slide positioning, freedom of movement under heavy loads, and moderate overhang with little, if any, deflection. These slide assemblies are available in a balanced crankhandle construction for control of slide movement by micrometer dial settings (assuring highly accurate positioning). For fine adjustment, a knurled knob component is available, which is very useful for conveniently adjusting to desired settings.

Recessed Base Lead Screw

The MILWAUKEE SLIDE AND SPINDLE recessed base slide provides space for a lead screw having either a Vee or Acme thread on 4″ and 6″ slides. Acme is standard on the others. For higher loads and/or longer carrier travel, the Acme thread is recommended. Multiple carriers on one base that move either away or toward each other are possible by using a lead with R.H. and L.H. threads. Many other variations are also possible. Please consult our sales department for special applications.

IPM Dovetail Slides

IPM slide assemblies are versatile because of their availability in any inch increments of carrier and base length. This means the designer can use a slide to meet his specific length requirements, which often means a savings in cost and space.

Basic slide assemblies are manufactured with a longitudinal cavity in the base, permitting a more compact design when mounting the carrier drive. The cavity also reduces the weight of the assembly. In some applications, a base without the cavity may be advantageous because of the nature of the force applied or certain mounting requirements.

IPM bases 8-16 have cored pockets as standard to reduce weight. Gib lock handles provide an easy way to lock the carrier in a desired position. For convenience on all sizes, the lock handles may be adjusted to lock in different angular positions.

Way surfaces can be supplied either milled, ground or scraped.

Hardened Way Slides

Construction Features

  • Model 7-9-12-15-18-24 & 32 inches wide.
  • 40,000 PSI Close Grained Cast Iron Normalized.
  • Casting Lengths to 108 inches.
  • Straight Gibs are standard in Carrier & Keepers.
  • Tapered Gibs available in Carrier & Keepers.
  • Way Wipers are standard accessories, while Accordion Way Protectors are available as optional.
  • Low Profile Slides for special needs.
  • Hardened Rails to 58/60 Rockwell C.
  • Lubrication provided to necessary areas.
  • Ball Screws available with assorted motor drives.
  • Hydraulic Cylinders & Hydraulic Components available, Limit Switches, Trip Pawls, Cam Rails, Decel & Speed Control valves, etc.
  • Large slide assemblies inspected with laser for precision.
  • Engineering can be provided for all your custom needs- Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulic & Pneumatic.
  • Non-galling, antifriction bearing material (optional).

Hardened Steel Ways

Including as Standard

  • Gibs in keepers
  • Way wipers
  • Mounting holes in base
  • Lubrication to ways & drives

The carrier of fine grain provides high strength and minimizes distortion. This heavy, rugged base structure is designed to carry greater loads than conventional dovetail types. These slides can be fitted with JIC mounted cylinder controls, flow control valve, adjustable positive stop, limit switches and trip pawls.

Any number of suitable saddle and base combinations are available to extend the range of application on this heavy load carrier slide in base lengths ranging up to a maximum of 108″.

This type of slide permits installation of electric cycle controls and other optional auxiliary equipment. The open center structure in the base is suitable for lead screw or cylinder powered operation.

Recirculating Ball Ways

Stay competitive in today’s dynamic manufacturing market with MILWAUKEE SLIDE AND SPINDLE Recirculation Ball Way Slides. These state-of-the-art slides and linear guideways will greatly improve your machine or system productivity.

MILWAUKEE SLIDE AND SPINDLE is a pioneer and leader in the research and development of high efficiency machine tool slide assemblies. Our precision rails with their rolling elements utilize a NEW design which offers a more stable structure for with-standing moment loads. With this design, our Recirculating Ball Way Slides can deliver INCREASED RIGIDITY and STABLE high speed travel. The older face-to-face concept would be hard pressed to meet the machine tool rigidity of the Empirical back-to-back design concept.

For applications requiring rigidity and precise, low-friction linear movement of heavy loads and movements, we offer standard models. Customized slides are also available.

The base and table and manufactured from high tensile close-grain cast iron, normalized for maximum stability. Other materials are also available such as steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The rolling elements and precision rails utilize MILWAUKEE SLIDE AND SPINDLE machine tool quality bearing products.

All models are available with precision ground ball screws, keyed shaft extensions and piloted mounting flange for power applications. Other types of drives or accessories similar to those used on dovetail and hardened steel way assemblies can be provided.

Low Profile Ball Slide

Low Profile slide assemblies are useful for many service applications where accurate high speed positioning or feeding is needed.

These slide assemblies feature versatility because of their availability in any incremental length. The most significant advantage of these units are the load carrying capacities, whereby the design loads can be applied in any direction to the table or base. All HUB assemblies are preloaded and specifically designed for vertical, inverted or horizontal applications.

We offer special tables or bases to meet customers’ particular requirements. The base of the table may be drilled, tapped and counterbored for mounting screws. The table surface may be machined to accept various accessories, fixtures and equipment.

The illustration shown is fitted with a preloaded, precision ground, ball screw assembly.

High Profile Ball Slide

HB-Deep base profile assemblies are designed to handle extra heavy horizontal applications for special purpose high production machines.

The deep base model features a recess between the ways. With this clearance in the center of the base, feed mechanisms may be buried. Typical feed mechanisms might be rodless air cylinders, standard air or hydraulic cylinders, rack and pinion drives, special ball screws and position feedback equipment. Clearance ports can be provided through each side of the deep base model to allow easy access for plumbing or electrical wiring.

HB models carrying capacities range from 5,000 to 150,000 pounds, loads are assumed to be perpendicular, and evenly spread over the table assembly. Loads may be applied in any direction to the table, but care must be taken to assure that they are properly calculated. Special care should be taken with cantilevered loads.

The illustration shown is fitted with a preloaded precision ball screw assembly.

HBR-HBL-HBS Ball Slides

Alternative Profiles

The HBL, HBR and HBS have been the most popular of the various custom ball slides produced by MILWAUKEE SLIDE AND SPINDLE. Variations are available in widths from 6 inches to 60 inches and in lengths to suit your particular needs. For specific dimensions and loading characteristics, please consult our Applications Engineering Department.

HBL Ball Slide Assemblies are the most economical ball way slides available with lead screw drive. They can be furnished with the handcrank or motor of your choice.

HBR Ball Slide Assemblies are primarily for gantry type machines and overhead robot arm applications.

HBS Ball Slide Assemblies are the MILWAUKEE SUPER SLIDE for extremely high moment loads. Axial load capacities can reach 1.5 million inch pounds of moment load.

Machine Angel Plate

Standard Features

7 Size, 18 Models – Steel, Ground 90o – 2 Sides Ground – Normalized and Sandblasted – Sides are ground and machined to 0.001″ perpendicularity

Square Machine Swivels

Standard Features

Base Mounting Holes – Low Carbon Steel – Top, Base, Clamp – Engraved Graduations – Swivel Table Top rotates on pivoting center bore at 360o graduated in 1o increments – Table Tops are ground and machined to 0.001″ – 4 Clamp Nuts lock swivel in place

Machine Tables and Bases

Standard Features

11 Sizes, 19 Models, Rugged Welded Steel, Blanchard Ground Top Plate, Gray Enamel Paint