Famco Today

Famco manufactures Shears, Slides, Arbor Presses, and Gordon Lars Accessories. Each product line is manufactured here in Kenosha, Wisconsin with more than 95% of its content made in America. A fact Famco is very proud of.

Famco has several types of Shears in the Air, Hydraulic, and Mechanical formats. The mechanical line has the most variations from geared down models to high speed production units. Famco is capable to customize any our standard shears to your needs.

The Milwaukee Slide & Spindle has a multitude of standard slides. MSS produces both Dovetail and Linear Ball Guide Slides. They can be driven with the standard Acme, V-Groove, or Ball Screws. Optional drive styles include Hydraulic/Pneumatic and/or Electric Motor. MSS can create custom slides to match your needs too.

Famco Arbor Presses must be the world’s best Arbor Press just by looking at all the cheap imitations made of it. Famco produces both Air and Manual Arbor Press. If Famco doesn’t have what you’re looking for chances are it can still be made here. Just ask.

While the Gorton Lars product line may have succumbed to the CNC age Famco knows very well there are still many in use today. That is why we still provide the more common accessories and replacement parts. So, don’t hesitate to call. You never know Famco just may have the part your looking for.