The History of Famco

In 1927, Mr. Herman Noll purchased the then Freeze and Miller Company, forming his new corporation Famco Machine Company. Since then Famco has continued as an American machine tool manufacturer of arbor, air, and foot presses as well as power squaring shears.

In 1975, the company was sold to Belco Industries, Inc. and continued in the manufacture of former products under the Famco Machine Division banner.

In 1987, Famco acquired Gorton Machine Tool products along with the Lars Corporation products and moved same to its newly expanded Kenosha facility. These products include the Gorton pantograph (engraving) line as well as the Lars tool and cutter grinders.

In 1994, William Blasi purchased 100% of the assets of Famco Gorton/Lars. In 1996, Famco Machine Division, Belco Industries Incorporated acquired the assets of Milwaukee Slide and Spindle company.

Famco is located on approximately 5 acres in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The current building is 55,000 square feet and is home for corporate offices, engineering, sales, manufacturing and purchasing.

The average length of Famco’s manufacturing personnel is approximately 20 years.