Arbor Presses

Plain Lever Type Arbor Presses

Press #Diameter of work in inchesCapacity over table in inchesCapacity over Plate on inchesLeverage RatioApprox. Tons PressureHeight in inches
O6 1/24 1/2420-11/210
A6 1/24 1/2Platen20-11/210
185 1/44 5/825-13/412
E85 1/4Platen25-13/412
2138 1/27 3/435-1217
S138 1/2Platen35-1217
31512 1/211 1/250-1321 1/2
W1512 1/2Platen50-1321 1/2
3 1/21817 1/21660-1429
4222119 1/470-1535
2115181750-1327 1/2
3115232250-1332 1/2
J64 1/2Platen6-11/410

Simple Ratchet Type Arbor Presses

Press #Diameter of work in inchesCapacity over table in inchesCapacity over Plate on inchesLeverage RatioApprox. Tons PressureHeight in inches
3-R1512 1/211 1/260-1421 1/2
W-R1512 1/2Platen60-1421 1/2
3 1/2-R1817 1/21670-1529
4-R222119 1/480-1635
21-R15181760-1427 1/2
31-R15232260-1432 1/2
5-R21 1/23028 1/480-1662
6-R273230 1/490-1769

Compound Ratchet Type

Press #Diameter of work in inchesCapacity over table in inchesCapacity over Plate on inchesLeverage RatioApprox. Tons PressureHeight in inches
3 1/2-C1817 1/216100-1829
4-C222119 1/4160-11235
25-C251210 1/4120-11027
5-C21 1/23028 1/4160-11262
6-C273230 1/4200-11569

Air Presses

Single Acting Air Presses – Separate Air

Designed for Heavy Continuous Industrial Applications

These precision-built FAMCO Air Presses are ideal for your delicate assembly work or specialty stamping operations. Frictionless diaphragm-type air cylinder with spring return produces exacting force day after day. No motors, transmissions or other annoying noisy mechanisms to slow or hamper performance of your operators. During the work stroke only a “whisper” of a sound can be heard.

Large working surface accommodates practically all size stampings. Bolster mounting holes are provided for quick adaptation of dies.

Choose from four sizes of Single Acting Presses, with a variety of control options to fit your requirements.

1/2 thru 31/2 ton capacities.

Double Acting Air Presses

All fabricated steel frames plus double-acting air cylinders make these presses adaptable to your exact requirements. Select from a wide variety of frame sizes, with a choice of throat depth and open height. Ram stroke is also varied for your requirements.

Double rod end on the heavy-duty air cylinder allows for stroke adjustment from 0 to the maximum cylinder stroke. Air power on the return stroke efficiently lifts heavy die loads or accommodates stock stripping operations.

Sturdy ram housing provides generous bearing surface for the large, round ram which is keyed to prevent rotation. Lubricator, filter, gage and mufflers are furnished as standard equipment on all control models.

1 thru 5 ton capacities.

Control & Accessories to meet your production requirements

  • INTERVAL TIMER – Allows for time dwell at either the bottom or top of stroke. Available in maximum time cycles of 5, 15, 30 and 60 seconds or minutes. Infinitely variable from zero to maximum cycle of the particular timer. It is necessary to specify when time cycle is required.
  • REPEAT CYCLE TIMER – Allows for separate time and dwell both at bottom and top of the stroke. The time dwells may be individually cycled at the top and bottom of the stroke within the maximum range of the timer. For example, the time dwell may be set for 3 seconds at the top of the stroke and 5 seconds at the bottom of the stroke. Once set and started the press is fully automatic and requires no further attention. Available in maximum time cycles of 3, 5, 15, 30 and 60 seconds or minutes. It is necessary to specify the time cycle required.
  • DOUBLE ELECTRIC (DE) CONTROL – Two push-buttons must be operated to activate the solenoid air valve for downward movement of the ram. When contact with both push-buttons is maintained through full work stroke, ram will stay down until one or both pushbuttons are released. Ram then immediately returns to the original start position.
  • PRESSURE CONTROL – There are jobs where applied force is the most important factor. The pressure limit system has been designed to provide a controlled maximum ram pressure and automatic return of the ram after the pressure has been reached. Adjustment of the pressure limit switch is possible in a range of from 5 psi to 150 psi. May be added later to press, or may be specified on the original order.
  • SPEED CONTROL VALVE – The speed control valve is available for all FAMCO Air Presses. It meters the air intake and thus regulates the speed of the lam on the down stroke. The regulation of the ram speed can be from zero to the maximum speed of the press. This simple, efficient speed control valve has proven a great asset to all air presses on which it has been installed.

Hydraulic Presses

Standard Features

  • CYLINDER – Heavy duty hydraulic cylinder made from solid, high alloy heat treated steel, burnished and polished to a smooth finish, bore of 10 to 20 RMS.
  • RAM – Steel ram, plated with a thick bronze coating, for longer life, self lubrication, and self healing by repairing itself of minor scars. Bronze protects against corrosion.
  • PUMP (HAND) – Heavy duty seamless mechanical tubing is used on all hand pumps. Two speed pumps are offered on all hand presses.
  • FRAME – Rigid, heavy duty structural steel is used for the press frame.
  • ADJUSTABLE TABLE – Presses over 30 ton are equipped with a table hoist, for quick and easy repositioning of the table.
  • PRESSURE GAUGE – Large dial type gauge is offered with each press, and is internally protected from hydraulic shock, for longer life.
  • CONTROLS – All control are conveniently located for ease of operation, and minimum operator fatigue.
  • PRESSURE RELEASE VALVE – The pressure release valve is conveniently located for operator use.

Foot Presses

Foot Presses

 No. 8-s Bench TypeNo. 8-s Floor TypeNo. 10 Floor TypeNo. 18 Floor Type
Depth of Throat4″4″3″10″
Distance Ram to Base7″7″6″10″
Max Stroke2 1/2″2 1/2″2″4 1/2″
Dia. Bore in Ram11/16″11/16″13/16″13/16″
Dia. Bore in Chuck1/2″9/16″
Size of Table13 1/2 X15 1/222 X 1522 X 22
Total Height54″58 1/2″60″66″
Floor Space Required18 X 2422 X 2422 X 28
Shipping Weight140 lbs.220 lbs.360 lbs.550 lbs.
Capacity- 1/16″Soft Steel3/8″3/8″1/2″3/4″
Approx. Pressure1 3/4 tons1 3/4 tons2 1/2 tons3 3/4 tons