Gorton Lars Products

FAMCO/GORTON attachments, accessories, cutters, arbors, and other small tools used in the tool room or on the production line are as important as the machines on which they are used. Over the years with the introduction of CNC automation the product line demand has become very small in the marketplace. We have discontinued the production of the Pantographs and Cutter Grinders and most of the tooling fixtures and accessories. We still provide pantograph spindle rebuilds, limited components for pantographs and cutter grinders. The accessories that are still provided are machine belts, engraving cutters, limited letter sets, limited pant- collets and grinder collets, bushings, panto collet wrench, midget chucks and limited grinding wheel products. Please e-mail us or call us at 262-654-3516 with your inquiry for availability on the product you require.