Panto-Master II CNC Retrofit
The easiest way to engrave

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  • Engraving and milling with speed and accuracy.
  • Heavy-duty routing
  • Retrofit your pantograph in 15 minutes.
  • Immediate savings
  • Use existing spindle and pantograph arms.
  • Increased precision and longer tool life.
  • Rapid return on investment

P1-2 Size 1, 2-Dimensional Pantograph
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The P1-2 is a size 1, Dimensional Pantograph for general engraving,die, mold or stamp cutting and profiling on flat or uniformly curved parts. Ratios of 1:1 to infinity are possible. Motion is transmitted from the master through adjustable pantograph bars to the work spindle.

The P1-2 is of milling machine design with knee, saddle and table. With pantograph locked, it can be used as a high speed milling machine.

(5/16″ dia. cutter capacity)