Model 375
Universal Cutter Grinder

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FAMCO/LARS MODEL 375 UNIVERSAL CUTTER GRINDER (1/4 H.P. ) for grinding single and multi-straight flute cutters, and sharpening multi-fluted helical cutters of standard length – either H.S.S. or carbide, up to 1″ dia. shank (maximum collet capacity – 5/8″, special sleeves to 1″). Machine equipped with T0717-7 Tool Head and will grind square, conical, corner radius and ball nose shapes on helical-fluted cutters.The tool head is of multi-slide design with micrometer  positioning, angular positioning of spindle carrier, collet clamping of sliding sleeve, collet draw bar, swing-away centering finger and swiveling mount with lock. The tool head spindle rotates on precision bearings for  accurate O.D. or relief grinding. Sliding sleeve facilitates rapid positioning and draw grinding of multi-flute cutters. An index dial with pin facilitates grinding straight-fluted cutters with 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 flutes. A removable tooth rest  provides for sharpening of multi-fluted cutters. An adjustable angle gage positions cutter in tool head, and a positive stop provides for consistent relief grinding to cutting edge.The tool head support is of sliding sleeve design with ball bearing counterbalanced base, hardened taper stud for attaching tool head, graduated ring with adjustable stops for tool heading setting, shielded and lubricated from central oil reservoir, and is arranged with right and left hand feed handwheels for operator convenience. Can be clamped in any position.The wheel spindle is of cartridge design, easily removed as a unit, with grease-packed super-precision bearings. Spindle nose is tapered and accommodates wheel adapters for 6″ dia. wheels (abrasive and diamond) with 7/8″ dia. holes. Completely covered wheel guard incorporating latest safety standards and diamond dresser on guard.Spindle drive is by V-belt from Å H.P. dynamically balanced motor mounted on vibrationless rubber
mounts. Stepped pulley drive provides two spindle speed changes for high speed steel and carbide cutter grinding. Motor, drive and spindle enclosed in housing – accessible by removing cover. Simple positive adjustments are provided at all vital points. The machine housing is of rugged cast design with built-in tool tray. The pedestal is of weldment design with built-in collet rack and storage space for accessories and attachments. Wired complete, including Motor and Controls for Single Phase 115V

Model 500
Universal Bench-Type Cutter Grinder for Single-Flute Cutters
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model 500

FAMCO/LARS MODEL 500 UNIVERSAL CUTTER GRINDER (1/4 H.P. Bench Model). Will grind single flute cutters – High Speed Steel, Cobalt or Carbide up to ý” diameter shank. This machine will grind ball nose, corner radius, conical with a ball and a square nose single flute cutters. Many predetermined angles, radii or diameters may be obtained.The rigid cast iron base provides support at both ends of the horizontal guide shaft on which the tool head is mounted. The start/stop switch is integrally mounted in the base.The spindle is of a cartridge design, easily removed as a unit with grease packed, super-precision bearings and requires no spindle adjustment. The spindle nose is tapered and accommodates wheel adapters for 4″ wheels
(Abrasive and Diamond) with 7/8″ diameter holes. The spindle is driven by a belt from a Å H.P. dynamically balanced motor. The motor drive and belt are enclosed. The wheel guard incorporates the latest safety standards and includes a diamond dresser in the guard.The tool head is a multi-slide design with micrometer positioning of the spindle carrier. All dials are machine graduated and engraved for accuracy and legibility. Dials are satin finished for easy reading. Slide locks are provided for each adjustable slide member. An integrally mounted gage is located in the side of the tool head for operator convenience.Wired complete including motor and controls for Single Phase, 115V

Model 265
Plain-Head Cutter Grinder for Single Flute Cutter
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FAMCO/LARS MODEL 265 PLAIN HEAD CUTTER GRINDER (1/4 H.P. Bench Type) for grinding single flute cutters – either H.S.S. or carbide. Machine equipped with T2025-2 tool head for Famco/Lars taper shank cutters. Will grind square and conical shapes on single-flute cutters.The tool head is of single unit plain bearing design with collet-type draw bar and swiveling mount with lock. An index dial with pin, facilitates grinding multi-faceted cutters with 1, 2, 3, or 4 sides. Tool setting gages are provided to position cutter in tool head and a positive stop is provided for consistent relief
grinding to cutting edge.The tool head support is mounted on a dust-proof sliding sleeve and provides a rocking motion feed to grinding wheel. Clamps are provided for angular and radial position of tool head. A micrometer handwheel (.001″ increments) provides for accurate positioning of cutter to grinding wheel.The wheel spindle is of cartridge design, easily removed as a unit, with grease-packed super-precision bearings. Spindle nose is tapered and accommodates wheel adapters for 4″ dia. wheels (abrasive and diamond) with 7/8″ dia. holes. Spindle drive is by belt from Å H.P. dynamically balanced motor, mounted on vibrationless rubber mounts. The machine housing is of rugged cast design with motor drive and belt enclosed. The wheel guard includes a diamond dresser in the guard. Wired complete, including Motor and Controls for Single Phase 115V

model 265

Small Tools & Accessories

FAMCO/GORTON attachments, accessories, cutters, arbors, and other small tools used in the tool room or on the production line are as important as the machines on which they are used. It is for this reason that FAMCO/GORTON has constantly developed and enlarged its line of small tools and accessories.

All accessories with the FAMCO/GORTON name are the result of long experience in the form of convenient assortments and sets, handy packaging, as well as improved small tool and accessory design. Good tools deserve good care and handling and experience has shown that shop employees, from operators to superintendents, approve our efforts to offer the best, always packaged for safe shipment.